About us

About us

Creative India Academy is a not for profit set up to preserve and promote Indian art and culture.

While India’s diverse and rich civilisational heritage always found resonance across the world; the over whelming response to the UN-sponsored International Yoga day supported by 177 countries revealed the true extent of India’s cultural outreach. Creative India believes that through more such strategic and targeted institutional and individual interventions,we can further extend and deepen this outreach.

As one such initiative, www.creativeindiamag.com aims to be a premier global platform for Indian art and culture targetted both at Indian and non-Indian readers. We seek to create and curate content that highlight the preservation and promotion of various facets of art and culture within India and across the world. Global outreach being a focus, our news and commentary will cover non-Indians who seek to study, learn, collect or simply enjoy our art & culture. Similarly, we will be featuring Indians who are engaging with global audiences through their art. Lastly but most importantly our coverage will include arts & crafts that are yet to get global recognition they deserve.

For initial ease of operations, we have classified our content into 12 broad verticals; visual arts, performing arts, literature, handicrafts, cuisine, ayurveda, tourism, design, yoga, spirituality, films and commentary.

Swarajya (www.swarajyamag.com) will co-publish / cross promote our content and also work closely with our editorial team.