A Celebration Of Love And Poetry Through Natyam

Only Until the Light Fades – Love Poems, Past and Present

Windmills Craftworks, Bangalore

August 5

Love finds its expression through poetry. Poetry comes to life through nritya. And creating a harmonious marriage of all three is renowned Bharatanatyam dancer Alarmel Valli in the production Only Until the Light Fades – Love Poems, Past and Present.

She teams up with well-known contemporary poet Arundhathi Subramaniam to take a long hard look at love in various ragas: from the erotic to the elegiac, the ironic to the exultant, the lyrical to the witty, the passionate to the enraged. Drawing on love poetry down the ages, the production journeys from ancient Tamil Sangam poetry to the richly erotic 15th century Telugu padam to the self-aware female love poem of contemporary times.

In the process, the production reminds us of the many ways in which love reinvents itself, finding its own creative strategies to stay timeless and topical all at once.