A Festival To Celebrate Our Food Traditions

Sattvik Food Festival

AES Ground, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

December 24 – 26

Sattvik food – the food that speaks of the earth and of our traditions buried deep within us. A diet based on Ayurveda, the Sattvik food festival organised by Sristi, an NGO, every year celebrates traditional nutritious food and associated knowledge systems. It was started fourteen years ago at the IIM-A, to provide market based incentives for conserving agro-biodiversity. The festival also hopes to encourage the farmers to grow such crops and augment their incomes.

This year, the Union Ministry of Women and Child Development, has sponsored 50 food and craft stalls from different parts of the country. Another interesting feature of the SATTVIK 2016 is that traditional recipes of food from states such as Nagaland, Jammu and Kashmir, Sikkim and Himachal Pradesh will be on offer.