The Divine Ganga Flows On To The Canvas

Ganga: River of Life and Eternity

National Museum, New Delhi

Till June 25

The river Ganga is the spiritual lifeline for the Hindu soul. Ganga, the eternally pure and generous, is believed to be the path toward attaining moksha, freeing one from its mortal sins. And the National Museum at New Delhi aims to explore the concept of “Ganga” as a river and a goddess through an exhibition called Ganga: River of Life and Eternity. On till June 25, this exhibition features works from National Museum, the Alkazi Foundation and the Kalakriti Archives, Hyderabad and has been curated by Boston-based architect and urban designer Dr Shakeel Hossain and Tara Sharma.

The exhibition showcases traditional as well as contemporary artworks and revolves around three themes – Svarg (heaven), Prithvi (earth) and Patal(underworld). From displaying the significance of the Ganga in the Rig Veda to presenting stories of the Goddess being a favourite with both Vishnu and Shiva, the exhibition explores the various roles and identities the Ganga has in Hindu scriptures, mythology and religion.