Japan Restaurants Stir Spicy Music Into Indian Curry

Curry is the mother of musical innovation at restaurants in Japan serving Indian delicacies. There is music to go with the curries and curries to go with music. The songs played at these restaurants are becoming so familiar and popular that a series of CDs containing tracks played frequently is now out for fans and foodies.

Titled ‘Indian Curry Shop Background Music’ (‘Indo Kareya No BGM’), the albums contain different categories such as ‘Hold the Rice’ (which highlights Indian classical music) or ‘Spicy’ (bass-heavy high tempo tracks). ‘The Road to Maharaja’ has superstar Rajinikanth making the groovy entry. A┬ánew edition, ‘Indian Curry Shop Background Music: 2020’ will be released on 21 September.

Japan, where Indian restaurants are popular, is the grandest show on earth. Do you know that they serve curries apart from sushi and sashimi? Wherever Indians go, they take their food with them; but because the English had taken Indian curry to Japan in the 19th century, Japan was flooded with spices and aromas from the South East and has turned into a vast curry haven today.

Situated as it is beside the sea, the Japs love their water veggies in Indian gravy and now, curries are outnumbering the beef. More popular than the restaurants serving pasta (14,345) or okonomiyaki (17,382) are the 21,188 curry restaurants in Japan that serve reasonably priced food.

The music played in these eateries are so catchy that a writer has commented that Bollywood might find a home there as well.

Now that Raj Kapoor and Rajinikanth are already hits in the land of the rising sun, on the bush telegraph one hears only of Mr Curry.

Featured image: CARL DE SOUZA/AFP/Getty Images