A Veena Tribute To The Maestro By His Daughter And Granddaughter

Veena Tribute

Nehru Centre, London

June 06

Paying a tribute to the legendary Veena Maestro Padmashree Dr Emani Shankara Shastry through a classical veena rendition, his daughter Emani Kalyani Lakshminarayana and granddaughter Padmini Pasumarthy will perform at the Nehru Centre. Vaadya Bhushan Vidushi Emani Kalyani Lakshminarayana hails from the family of noted Vainikas from Andhra Pradesh. She imbibed the intricate techniques of playing Veena from her father Mahamahopadhyaya Padmashri (Late) Sri Emani Shankara Sastry. Under her father’s tutelage, she learnt all the complicated nuances and honed her skills. She accompanied her father for various performances and earned recognition in this field at a very young age. Kalyani is a regular broadcaster at AIR and Doordarshan Kendras, featuring in the National Programmes of Music, Radio Sangeet Sammelan festivals. She has trained numerous students across the world sharing the intricacies of the Emani style of Veena playing.