A Day In The Life Of Multifaceted Waris Ahluwalia

Waris Ahluwalia celebrates design, creativity, instinct and life, in style. New York wanted to celebrate him. The jewellery designer, actor and activist was recently honoured in New York, where Mayor Bill De Blasio proclaimed October 19, 2016, as Waris Ahluwalia Day in New York. The announcement was made at a Diwali celebration, recently, where Mayor Bill De Blasio said, “So, Waris does it all. He is a fashion designer. He is a writer. He is an actor – of course he’s a model, too. And he has an unmistakably New York style, and, as a Sikh, he proudly wears his dastar wherever he goes. And so he sends a powerful message to our city, to our country – countering ignorance, celebrating inclusion, and advocating for religious understanding and tolerance in everything that he does. And we want to celebrate him.”

Known for his fashion line House of Waris, he took to Instagram to thank the Mayor. In February this year, Waris had made news when he was prevented to board a flight in Mexico City “for wearing a turban”. Later, the designer had called for education and cultural sensitivity, accepting the apology from the airline.

Born in Punjab, the designer launched House of Waris, his brand, in 2007. You would not like to believe that he has no formal training in jewellery design. House of Waris has become a stunning success story owing to his designs, projects, and collaborations, including the one with renowned designer Benjamin Cho, the first in the collaborative series. Instinct guides him. “[Instinct] is a skill we’re given, a tool. It’s up to us to sharpen it and learn to use it,” he said, earlier this year. Committing himself to a better world, he uses “ethically sourced materials” for his work. “I do what nourishes my soul and those along with me on this journey. The goal along the way is to stay true to myself and the values my parents and culture have given me.”

Waris travels a lot to connect with artisans, narratives and cultures. In a letter shared on his website, the designer writes about the joy of Venice. “Nestled within this singularly enchanting space is RARE, a one-of-a-kind retail experience that brings to life my long time devotion to beauty, history and, above all, craftsmanship. Rare artisans. Rare traditions. Rare stories. And above all, a rare place,” he says.

Waris Ahluwalia has acted in many films including Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel, and The Darjeeling Limited. He will be starring in Ohio-born director Harjus Singh’s upcoming film All Quiet on the Home Front.


Featured Image: Getty