Buoyant Nixon Bui Takes Bigger Steps Towards Bharat

Nixon Bui from Arunachal Pradesh is a designer with a difference. Bui, 28, concentrates more on casual everyday wear and his brand is becoming very popular in Europe. The young designer likes to represent the tribal elements in his creations in a conceptual way. His designs wear the stories and nostalgia from the North East.

The Denmark-based designer, also the creative director and founder of NIXONBUI, the brand, says,”There will always be an element of Northeast to my collections. This is very important to me. And the response has been very good. People can see that this is something different, and they are curious about the origins and stories behind the designs.”

Bui maintains that incorporating the tribal life of the Northeast has given him a platform to tell the amazing stories of the people of his region and helps him show the world the beautiful and rich culture. He adds, “My designs are also a reflection of my own ideas and perspective, meaning they do not necessarily have to literally speak tribal all the time, but maybe in more of an abstract or conceptual way.”

Bui grew up creative, watching his mother, a craft teacher, make amazing creations. “I used to watch her work, and I remember being so fascinated with what she was doing. I think I’ve always enjoyed the process of creation and design, making stuff out of nothing.”His designs are expected to cruise into the Indian market very soon. “We are on the way”, says the designer. He is eyeing potential collaborations in the country.