Sanjana Kapoor

Sanjna Kapoor Broadens Stage For Smart Thinking

Sanjna Kapoor takes theatre to the people releasing it from the confines of artificial art complexes. She has breathed a new lease of life into Prithvi Theatre by introducing various new segments involving children, young viewers and artists.

Junoon, her Mumbai-based company has now joined hands with IndianFoundation for the Arts as managing partners, for Strategic Management in the Art of Theatre (SMART), run by Indian Theatre Forum (ITF). She says, “There is no magic wand to bring in the money. We need a ground plan. We hold hands of these theatre groups and take them through an active road map for viable options. The idea is to help them use the resources more intelligently, consolidate their work over a period of time smartly and ask deep questions about their plans.”

Kapoor feels that theatre is seeing a surge in India. However, there is a lot that still needs to be done. Her group is trying to restore and revive its tradition by connecting with school students and giving them the opportunity to create.

Junoon is promising the kids a trip to the Prithvi Theatre to help them broaden their imagination. “We want this to be a microcosm of all performing arts. We have Bharatanatyam dancer Vandana Alase Hazra, and Keli’s Kathakali troupe to interact with the children. As part of the workshop, children take up the roles of documenters, reviewers and jurists. The teachers are the guides,” she adds. Theatre gives her clarity.