Kerala Tourism Rolls Out Backwaters On Dubai Taxis

A pretty picture of the Kerala Monsoon is melting hearts in Dubai’s sizzling summer. Kerala Tourism is making heads turn in Dubai, the hub of air travel in the region, with a very inviting promotional campaign.

It is the onset of the outbound tourist season in the heart of UAE, and the sight of Kerala backwaters, waterfalls, hills stations and Ayurveda therapies is making people look at the cooler side of life barely four hours away.

Designed to target Arab travellers, the tourism campaign showcases the backwaters and the various natural attractions on as many as 200 taxis plying in the busy metropolis, making them think about heading to the green pastures away from the cruel heat. Those taxis in Dubai which are ferrying the message of ‘A Faraway Land Four Hours Away’ will run it till the end of the campaign, on 15 August.

Featured image: Maral Deghati/AFP/GettyImages